Water Leak Detection

Professional Water Leak Detection Specialists in Chula Vista

Water leaks are a common problem for homeowners and businesses in Chula Vista, CA. They can spring up from anywhere in your plumbing system -it could be behind walls, concrete slab, basement, or the ceiling. If left unattended for long, even a minor leak can cause mold growth and tremendous structural property damage.

At G Brothers Plumbing, we offer professional, reliable, and affordable water leak detection services to the residents of Chula Vista, CA, and surrounding areas. We offer leak detection services to both residential and commercial customers in this town and its environs. Our aim is to ensure everyone has access to quality, reliable, and affordable water leak detection services.

At G Brothers Plumbing, we boast of more than 10 years of experience in detecting and fixing leaks. We can handle both minor and major water leaks, including slab leaks and ones that can cause flooding. We are PEX, CSST, and Gas certified. So, by hiring us, you can rest assured that your water leak detection is being handled by certified specialists.

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 How We Detect Water leaks

To ensure quality and fast service delivery, we have invested in the latest technology and advanced equipment. We are one of the plumbers in Chula Vista who use electronic leak detection technology. It is a non-invasive technology that enables us to detect water leak without opening up walls and slab. It provides the exact location of the leaks hence reducing damages on your property.

Signs You Have Water Leaks

Leaks are difficult to pinpoint, especially when they occur on the slab, yards, or rarely visited parts of the property. However, there are various signs that indicate you could be having water leaks. If you notice any of these water signs, call us for immediate leak detection services:

  • Unexplained increasing water bills
  • Damp spot on the flooring
  • Mildew odors
  • Water pooling along or near a water pipe
  • Growth of mold
  • Water stains on ceiling and walls
  • Loss of water pressure

Common Cause Of Water Leaks

Water leaks in your plumbing are caused by a number of factors. That’s why fixing the leak is not enough –a plumbing specialist will find out the cause and fix it to prevent the problem from recurring in the future. Here are the most common causes of water leaks:

  • Old Plumbing System

Old copper pipes in the plumbing system get corroded by chemicals in the water. With time, they get damaged, resulting in hidden leaks. A replacement or pipelining would be the best solution.

  • Pipe Connections

Pipes may develop weak connections when installing. Weak connections end up causing hidden leaks behind walls and slab. So, you need to have your plumbing system check for weak joints.

  • Hard Water

Hard water contains components that corrode pipes in your plumbing system. With time, the damages may result in water leaks. In such cases, you will need a water softener.

If you suspect water leaks in your home or business in Chula Vista and surrounding areas, call G Brothers Plumbing at 619 366 3301 for free estimates. We offer immediate leak detection services to help minimize damages on your property. 

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